Executive public sector informatization projects through PPP: an alternative approach

Author(s): Duračak Renata, Drnovšek Samo, Kolšek Vasja; IPMIT d.o.o.
Published: Days of Slovenian informatics 2007
Field: Public procurement and public privet partnership

In this article, possible public-private partnership in IT projects in the public sector is described. Institutions from public sector perform public services to meet public interest. Public services can be executed in more qualitative and effective way by using IT, but the latter needs higher budget. This discrepancy could be exceeded by public-private partnership in IT projects in public sector. Very important role in it ought to be played by a private organization, a respected independent expert company, which inspires confidence to all actors in public-private partnership.

Providing information infrastructure through public private partnership

Author(s): Griša Šoba, Vasja Kolšek M.Sc.
Published: Days of Slovenian informatics 2005
Public procurement and public private partnership

Informatics has become the basis for merging and cooperation of different institutions on different levels and areas. As the needs and also expectations of the users are increasingly higher, the provision of the information infrastructure (because of the constant increasing of its scale), has become ever expensive. Public administration is facing limited budgeting, thus new means of financing and implementing of public services have been developed. One possible approach is Public- Private-Partnership (PPP), as a result of the need to provide public infrastructure. PPP as a cooperation between public and private sector is a two-way process. It takes different forms and is still ever developing concept, which should be adjusted to specific needs and characteristics of each investment and also to characteristics, needs, purposes and goals of the PPP partners. In Slovenia only a small number of projects has been executed in that manner. The reasons lie mainly in unregulated legislative and law aspects, as well as in uninterested potential project users. Partnership in Slovenia could be intensified with a help of centralized institutional support already established in Ireland, Great Britain and Canada. On the basis of the additional capital, additional managerial and expert skills and more efficient and qualitative implementation of the public services, the public sector can provide information infrastructure. Thus it integrates and performs public services and hereby its mission.

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