Basis for Implementation of an Electronic Toll Collection System in Free Flow

Authors: Dejan Štrukelj, IPMIT d.o.o., Dean Herenda, Ministry of Transport
Published: Informatics in Public Administration 2009
Področje: Transport and Traffic

Toll collection is becoming topical issue, both in Slovenia and abroad. Slovenia is the country with a long toll collection history, but is now facing some difficulties and dilemmas that are bound to establishment of a new electronic toll collection system in free-flow, which will provide sufficient income in order to service the accumulated debt held by the DARS d.d. Republic of Slovenia intends, incompliance with European guidelines and good practices abroad, to establish an effective system, which will operate on the motorways and expressways. Accordingly, the Ministry of Transport has prepared a proposal of an Action plan, which envisages the introduction of such a system in 2012. The concept of the system should be based on the CESARE III model and technology independent. The establishment of the system itself presents many challenges in the area of informatics. In addition to providing interoperability, a lot of attention must be also paid to the establishment and maintenance of appropriate information support, which will support all processes, related to toll collection and will provide a link between all entities involved in toll collection services.

Deployment of HGV Tolling System in Slovenia

Authors: Dejan Štrukelj, IPMIT d.o.o., Dean Herenda, Ministrsy of Transport
Published: ISEP 2008
Field: Transport and Traffic


Key issues in the introduction of ECS in Free Traffic Flow for heavy vehicles in Slovenia

Authors: Dejan Štrukelj, Saša Petronijević, Vasja Kolšek, Iza Šušteršič, IPMIT d.o.o.
Published: 9th Slovene Congress on Roads and Traffic, Portorož
Field: Transport and Traffic

Technical, organizational and legal measures to prevent abuse of the toll system
Author: Renata Duračak, IPMIT d.o.o.
Published: 8th Slovene Congress on Roads and Traffic, Portorož
Field: Transport and Traffic

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