CEDR (Conference of European Directors of Roads) is the association of all European Road Directors and comprises 28 NRAs from EC and EEA countries. CEDR promotes transnational road research. One of its technical groups is the Technical Group Research (TGR), which uses a secretariat as a support of their activities.

From September 2011 till October 2014 we have performed the following Secretariat tasks:

- Support the TPM (Transnational Programme management) Chairman in organisation of the meetings, as a part of the CEDR TGR activities;
- Moderate the Road Research Access Facility (RRAF);
- Analysis of NRAs’ programmes (including identification of any opportunities for co-funded projects or joint calls);
- Assist in organisation of collaborative calls, up to the creation of their Programme Executive Boards (PEBs);
- Maintain and update the “Toolkit” of good practice, by liaising and exchanging information and experience with the Programme Managers and Programme Executive Boards (PEBs) of existing calls and those TPM members developing new calls;
- Assist NRAs and TPM to disseminate results of the transnational research activities.