EU grants are funds that are awarded through a tender to various types of applicants (companies, public institutions, associations, local communities etc.). EU grants are awarded to finance those activities that are defined in the contract and justified in details in the project application. EU grants have a specific purpose and are used within the agreed time.

The most important step in the whole procedure is for the applicant to examine the tender documentation, especially conditions for the acquisition and the evaluation criteria. In case a potential applicant does not meet conditions, grants are not intended for him and his application will not be successful. All rules about scoring for a grant are precisely summarized in the tender documentation.

Within the project application, each applicant shall indicate the description of activities and a plan of incidental costs that will occur in a certain period. If a certain application is selected for funding, it becomes an integral part of the grant agreement. In the project’s implementation phase, monitoring of project activities and supervision of their implementation must be carried out to ensure successful realization of the project and obtaining grants, which are specified in the grant agreement.

To receive a grant, it is crucial to elaborate a qualitative project idea and write a project proposal that meets all the conditions. Cooperation with us enables you to: save time with finding suitable tender information, disburdening of human resources, optimally developed project idea, reasonably organized project activities that enable achievement of goals within the shortest time and an optimized financial structure. We will help you with choosing the proper call, prepare a qualitative project proposal and increase the possibility of a positive outcome in the candidacy for EU grants and successful realization of the co-financed project.