The service of preparation and submission of the project proposal to the call usually comprises of four main groups of activities:


1. Development of project idea

In order to successfully receive grants, an innovative and unique project idea is required. The starting point for the development of project idea is the analysis of your needs and potentials, which are developed into a project proposal. Cooperation within this activity is crucial for obtaining high-quality data that will later be reflected in the content definition, project proposal preparation, coordination with potential partners and preparation of application or other project documentation.

2. Preparation of project proposal

Project proposal is a document that contains all carefully collected information, adjusted to the purpose and conditions of the tender. The first step, after we find an appropriate financing source, is a careful examination of the tender and instructions for the preparation of project proposals. We must be particularly careful about:

  • The objectives and purpose of the call,
  • Eligibility of applicants,
  • Eligible activities and costs,
  • The amount of co-financing,
  • Duration of the project and
  • Deadline for submission and other formalities.

It is also very important to check what kind of partnership is necessary for the submission of application (national, international, size). Basic condition for application to centralized European calls for proposals is the establishment of an international consortium. We perform a complete analysis of potential partners (on a national and international level) and coordinate administrative activities of identified partners within project implementation.

3. Preparation of project documentation

The key to a successful application is managing the entire application process and all accompanying project documentation (preparation of the consortium agreement, preparation and collection of administrative forms, preparation and filling in web forms etc.).

4. Submission of project proposal

When completing a project proposal, attention must be given to the deadline for submission of project proposals. Within this phase, formal regularity and contextual relevance of the project proposal are verified in accordance with the recommendations and conditions of the tender. Project proposal with all supporting documentation shall be sent to the appropriate institution (checking of the address, form of submission and number of copies).