Project Management

svincnik-1In managing a project portfolio, we are often faced with many challenges:

  • lack of real information for management decisions on major projects,
  • there is a large number of projects in progress that can not be realized with existing resources,
  • originally planned costs are often increased and there are delays with project implementation,
  • actual project results are not consistent with results planned and value-added planned,
  • there is no control over resource occupancy and efficiency or availability for new projects,
  • work processes in an organization are not run optimally.

On the other hand, projects should contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives. Implementation of strategies through projects represents the solution. Selected projects should be complementary and therefore bring synergetic effects, which enables efficiently managed project portfolio.

On the basis of long term experience, we have developed a method of project management establishment or renovation, based on the project selection process into a project portfolio. Through recording projects (existing and potential) in the organization and optimization of the expanded project portfolio according to the set strategies and criteria, we get to know the existing system of project management, which is the subject of optimization. At the beginning, we get acquainted with your specialities, challenges and requirements and draw a suggestion of possible solutions in the field of projects implementation.

Together with you we develop the process of reviewing and re-optimization of the portfolio and assist with project launch or participate with the establishment of project management system. With solutions proposed, we preserve your existing good practices and add to that simple, efficient and customized solutions, which are usually aimed at the establishment / improvement of your project organization and / or procedures for project management.

The benefits of IPMIT services are a more effective and rational use of limited resources, lower costs, better management oversight of project implementation, potential for a more rapid adaptation to market changes and customer demands. Due to all these reasons, there is an improvement of the projects efficiency and effectiveness, client satisfaction and customer satisfaction; also the satisfaction of all participants in the projects is increased; all this contributes to increasing competitiveness.

In the field of project management, we perform the following services for you:

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