Health and Social Care

zdravstvo-1Health and social care are important strategic and national factors of social inclusion, wealth, satisfaction of individuals, economic development, employment and regional development. Environmental, economic and demographic changes, including ageing population are disease patterns and social needs of people and thus require ever greater efficiency and sustainability of both health and social systems of each country

On the other hand, rapidly evolving technologies entails revolutionary changes in the areas of promoting healthy lifestyles, ensuring a life of social risk, and ways of preventing and treating disease.

Sustainable health care and IT support of independent and respectable life is one of the priorities of the European Digital Agenda. The emphasis is on building a modern interoperable information systems based on established international standards that support a comprehensive treatment of the patients and the efficient and equitable distribution of scarce health and social resources.

With the interdisciplinary team of experts with several years of experience and knowledge on allied projects, we can provide help and support in designing and developing advanced and user-friendly information systems.

Major reference projects: